What alumni say about Mega Plus

what alumni say


We can say many things about our flagship Mega Plus · the European Master in Audiovisual Management, but what really matters is what participants think about it and the impact that the masters programme is having in their careers. Today we are bringing you the feedback from some recent graduates.

The 2015 edition of Mega Plus is currently open for applications. Please get in touch with Ana Laguna (Course Coordinator) at mega@mediaschool.org if you want more details about how Mega Plus can boost your career!


pic Alaa Alassad


Alaa Alasad · Mega Plus 2014
Producer of Marketing & Distribution · Integracast

“Mega Plus is not only located in a great town like Ronda, it gave me a new perspective of how the Business works. It widens your eyes to all the secrets in the industry, and gives you the opportunity to meet new and interesting people from all over the world!”



pic Johanna Enasuo

Johanna Enäsuo · Mega Plus 2014
Producer · Matila Röhr Productions & The Beagle Productions

“Mega Plus offered me a distinguished and unique opportunity for further developing my producing abilities. I believe that the current economical climate, competitive market and rapidly evolving distribution platforms are challenging the film producer to take a more active role in exploiting the film, therefore I was fortunate that Mega Plus helped me to understand the commercial identity of films, the end of the value chain and it strengthened my understanding of the business side of filmmaking.

I also see networking as an essential part of a producer’s competence and through Mega Plus I was able to build up my own contacts to European film producers with whom I wish to cooperate in the future”.



pic claire gao web


Claire Gao · Mega Plus 2014
Production Intern · Lolafilms

“knowledge, amazing friends, mindblowing landscape… everything came to me within 3 months”.



 pic markus muhlberger

Markus Mühlberger · Mega Plus 2014
Production · Lucky Bird Pictures

“Mega Plus has been the perfect starting point for me to change my career from distribution to production. The network that you build is perfect for everyone new to the industry as well as for established producers.”



pic Ravi Muppa web


Ravi Muppa · Mega Plus 2014
Head of Development · D2R Films

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! This is quite true of Mega Plus as well. The intensive 3 months in Ronda coupled with 6 months of industry internships is exactly the kind of reality check young creative producers need before they step into the professional world.

 I was told that I was the first ever participant from India. I’m certain I won’t be the last as I highly recommend this program to up and coming producers from India.

It’s so hard to boil down the amazing MEGA experience into one line. But I’ll try. It’s simply THE BEST!”



pic David Leader

David Lee Leader · Mega Plus 2014

CEO & Producer · Leader Films

“Mega Plus is an amazing, intensive program loaded with extensive network of international experts, and best of all is the close-knit personal connections that you develop during the program”.



pic Paola Sainz de Baranda web

Paola Sáinz de Baranda · Mega Plus 2014
Executive Producer · La Mirada Oblicua

“Mega Plus is an excellent training for people involved in the audiovisual industry. You have the opportunity to learn from experts from all over the world in different fields (production, distribution, marketing, sales, etc). The wide programe of the course let you learn in-depth how the industry works and to be updated on the new trends”.



pic Sandra Peters web

Sandra Peters-Westermann · Mega Plus 2013
Senior Product Manager Video
Burda Studios, a Hubert Burda Media Company

“Working as an TV Production Manager my expectations were to fill my gaps concerning any content and story related topic, as well as I wanted to learn everything about the new Media, transmedia storytelling, crossmedia projects and the digital Business… And what I became on top was an amazing summer, and friends for a lifetime all over the world. I would do it again!”



pic patricio serna web
Patricio Serna · Mega Plus 2013
Director · Pakidermo & Movic Films

“It’s the experience of a lifetime and a great networking opportunity”.



pic Gunhild Oddsen

Gunhild Oddsen · Mega Plus 2013
Producer & General Manager · GOfilm

“The 3 months in Ronda were packed with really useful knowledge and really good times. The course made me ready for starting up my own company and start producing. And I met some wonderful people and made new friends”.