Alberto Flaksman | ANCINE

Alberto Flaksman is a film producer, scriptwriter, and director. He has directed and written scripts for dozens of documentaries, institutional films and commercials. He was also the producer for feature films such as “A Grande Arte”, directed by Walter Salles, “Eu Te Amo”, directed by Arnaldo Jabor, and “Baixo Gávea”, directed by Haroldo Marinho Barbosa.

He directed and wrote the script for a series of three films on environmental issues in Brazil and abroad titled “Heroic Nature” (Heróica Natureza). This series was produced by the Brazilian production company Conspiração Filmes and was first shown on the Brazilian cable TV channel canal GNT in Sept. 2000, and later in Jan 2001 and Feb 2002.

At the former Brazilian film institute Embrafilme, Alberto Flaksman held the post of Superintendent. He was also executive director of Videofilmes film producing company, editor-in-chief of BeiWeb internet media production and licensing company, and a university professor of Economics.

He is currently Head of International Affairs for ANCINE – The Brazilian Film Agency, Academic Coordinator and Professor for the post-graduate course Film & Television Business at Fundação Getúlio Vargas, in Rio de Janeiro, and for the Business of Filmmaking course at the International Film Academy in São Paulo.

Alberto Flaksman holds a degree in Engineering and Economics, a post-graduate degree from the Université de Paris (1967) and a post-graduate degree in Political Science from IUPERJ (1981), a center for graduate studies in the social sciences in Rio de Janeiro.