Alberto Marini | Rebelión Terrestre Film

 Alberto is a former Mega Plus from the 1999 promotion. Born in Turin (Italy) in 1972, he is executive producer, screenwriter and director. He is also involved as expert in the development module of Mega Plus.

After completing European Master in Audiovisual Management · Mega Plus, Alberto moved to Barcelona and worked for Filmax Entertainment (Spain). This experience  gave him the opportunity to be involved in the developement process of various projects such as  “Darkness” (Jaume Balaguero, 2002), “The Machinist” (Brad Anderson, 2004) or “Transsiberian” (Brad Anderson, 2008) to name a few,  and also to act as executive producer of the “[REC]“ franchise and numerous productions such as “Paintball” (Daniel Benmayor, 2009), “The Way” (Emilio Estevez, 2010) or “Mientras Duermes” (Jaume Balaguero, 2011).

In 2012, he founded his own production company Rebelión Terrestre and move on to produce “Los Últimos Días” (the Last Days) directed by Alex and David Pastor. He has recently finished his first feature film as director, the slasher revival “Summer Camp” and has also written the upcoming “El Desconocido” produced by Vaca Films, Atres Media and La Ferme Productions.  He’s also the author of the screenplay of “Extintion”, directed by Miguel Ángel Vivas produced by Vaca Films and Ombra and distributed by Sony Pictures.