Asta Wellejus | Die Asta Experience

Asta Wellejus – CEO Die Asta Experience, interactive director and producer, is an experienced transmedia producer and developer. Her work draws on a multitude of approaches: Broadcast/film, NGOs, brands, games, attractions, and experimental art. Asta’s speciality is to design digital narratives across a multitude of platforms, and creating and leading cross-disciplinary teams to solve complex projects based on interactive experiences.

Asta Wellejus, born 19973, Interactive pioneer, senior interactive director and producer.  In 1999 Asta was headhunted by Lars Von Trier to work with hybrids between film, games teater and roleplays. Together they started Zentropa Interaction. She has since then created more than 50+ interactive productions, from interactive documentaries, narrative film launches for Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, mobile apps for second screen experiences, games and roleplays for the government, to redesigning museums and attractions with roleplays, interactive films and games (The National Museum Brede, The North Sea Aquarium, ARoS, The Ice projects on Funen that was supported by the ministry of culture and attended by the Danish minister of culture) She has worked with budgets from 20.000  to 7,7 mill. euroes, where she mixes methods from games, roleplay and film, to create whole new types of cultural digital experiences. Since the birth of Die Asta Experience in 2007, she has worked internationally with especially Israel, England, Finland, France. Al Jazeera and Sony international, both mentoring, developing and producing with national and international teams. Mentoring and teaching experiences: co- designing the SWIM labs, mentor at Media, Rhonda Media Programme, Danish Film School, Power to the Pixel, MIP, Aalborg University, International speaker and teacher since 2006, for lectures and latest news see:

Her latest production, the interactive documentary Deadline Athens, has won the Danish Photo Multimedia Award, the 3rd place in the American Visual Journalism competition NPPA, has been nominated in Visa Dór Du webdocumentary of 2015, in Perpignan, France, has gotten the interest of BBC, Sony and other broadcasters, and has been been recommissioned for a part two of the experience, this time about Syria to be developed in Jordan in winter 2015.

Die Asta is specialised in film and tv, but has also created other more strange and interactive projects for art and culture. Examples:

Opus Lux. A collaborative musical experience. Developed with The Royal Danish Theatre, and Malmø Symphonic Orchestra. Launched November 14th 2014. A democratic and participatory digital music experience where the audience created a light scenography reflecting the emotions they felt when listening to the music being played. Funded by Interreg, and the participating institutions. Released for free usage in 2015.

Ghost Rockets. A documentary and online digital tool for opening up archives to the public. Using a military archive that has recently been opened to the public it provides the technical tools for the public to translate, comment, gather data, and form theories of their own. The tool is tested on the Ghost Rockets archives but released for free usage for any public archive.

The Globe. Interactive installation. 10.000.000+ users in only seven days, on physical installation, web, and mobile. The world first digital demonstration event launched during the COP15, in Copenhagen. Produced for Golden Days and The City of Copenhagen 2009

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