Boualem Aissaoui | CIM Audiovisuel

Managing Director of « CIM Audiovisuel », created in the 80s and specialized in documentaries, audiovisual programmes, production and direction of works of fiction whose topics emanate from the deposits of both material and non material heritage. He has written and directed many documentary programmes about the material and non material heritage such as those of historic monuments, museums in Algeria, popular traditions, fine arts, etc.

He has adapted, directed and produced for the Algerian TV three series divided into 12 chapters each one:
« Iguerbouchene » (a renowned Algerian)
« Rachid Ksentini » (a founding member of the Algerian Popular Theatre)
« Hesna » (a Maghreby fairy tale)

Executive Director of the feature film « Le Thé d’Ania » by Said Ould Khelifa (en coproduction avec ENTV/CIM audiovisuel/AGAT Films), produced on the occasion of the year of Algeria in France (2003).
Co-producer of the documentary « Les années music – hall » with the production company Sea Film (France).
Executive producer of the play « Madinet El Hob » and the documentary « Danses de mon pays » on the occasion of the event “Algiers, capital of Arab Culture 2007”.

Executive producer and director of the 52 minute documentary «Il était une première fois le Panaf» on the occasion of the 2nd Pan African Cultural Festival of Algiers.

Executive producer and director of the fiction documentary « El Goual » on the occasion of “Tlemcen 2011, Capital of the Islamic Culture”

Founding member of the Audiovisual Producers Association (AVA); Founding member and Vice-President of the Independent Audiovisual Producers Association of the Mediterranean (APIMED).

Author of many publications about the Algerian cinema and the audiovisual sector.
Managing Director of DZ. Productions.