Christophe Vidal | Natixis Coficine

Christophe Vidal (50) is a graduate from the Paris University (Paris II, in law) and from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques of Paris.

He also has an international background, having been raised in both Spain and the USA. He is fluent in French, Spanish, English and Danish.

After two years in an international law firm in Paris, Christophe Vidal worked for five years (91-96) at UFCA, at the time one of the main French credit institutions specialized in financing the cinema and entertainment business.

In 1996, he became Director at Coficiné (nowadays Natixis Coficiné, aka Coficiné). Natixis Coficiné is largely owned by Natixis, a listed bank member of the BPCE Group (created by the merger of Banques Populaires and Caisse d’Epargne). With in excess of 650 million Euros lent yearly, Coficiné is the leading financial services company in the cinema and entertainment sector in France and one of the major players in Europe.

In the recent years, Coficiné has been financing films such as Asterix 3, Le Petit Nicolas (L Tirard, F), Antichrist (L Von Trier, award winner at Cannes 2009, DK-D-F), Four Lions (Chris Morris, UK).

Christophe Vidal has built a strong portfolio of clients in France, and has spearheaded the expansion of Coficiné out of France. Many of his clients are now located in Spain, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal,Belgium, Germany, Canada and Luxemburg. The latest territory in which Coficiné has expanded is the UK, as of 2009. Coficiné operates there in partnership with Films Consultancy Services (Edwige Rolin).

A large part of the films in which Coficiné is involved are coproductions. This gives Christophe Vidalan enviable insight of the European cinema and entertainment business in Europe and beyond.