Claire Beswick | ODEON UCI Cinemas

Claire is a Senior Film Booker and Head of IMAX Programming for Odeon/UCI Cinemas, Europe’s no.1 cinema chain, in particular overseeing the whole of Ireland. Since ODEON became the first all digital major UK circuit, she has been managing the Film Booking process pioneering a more creative, flexible approach to revolutionise existing film booking practices. She also oversees the programming of ODEON’s IMAX & ISENSE screens and Alternative Content events such as 3D Sporting events, Ballet and Opera from the Met, Royal Opera House, and the National Theatre live.

In the past year Claire has been advising a number of independent Producers on market analysis from a commercial perspective for projects in early development stages and short-listed for investment funding.

She has represented the Europe at NATO (National Association of Theatre Owners) committee meetings and was the first exhibitor to take part in the Inside Pictures programme, which she took part in during 2010. She also runs the Exhibition session at the FDA Foundation in Distribution programme (UK) and is returning to the Media Business school for a second year.