Domenico La Porta | Cineuropa / KWEB

During daytime, 36 years old Domenico La Porta is a film journalist based in Belgium working as an industry reporter and Chief Editor of the EU co-financed press platform CINEUROPA.ORG. With more than 40,000 daily visitors, CINEUROPA has been successfully promoting European film industry in the world since 2002.

In the evening, Domenico is co-hosting the movie talk show CINE STATION on Belgium’s national TV channel RTBF where he works as a film critic.

At night, he’s the founder and director of KWEB, a stealth company dealing with Transmedia storytelling, cross-platform movie promotion, crowd strategies, media and a/v production. This new experimenting ground fuels him with all the excitement needed to kickstart the next day.

 In 2001, Domenico became a lawyer after almost 5 years of working as a fireman to finance his law and criminology classes. By that time, he had already started freelancing as a film journalist then promoted himself to the rank of Editor of his own movie blog created in 1998. Throughout the next decade, his passion for cinema and new technologies found an experimenting ground in the rise of the internet and mobile platforms and Domenico was dividing his time between journalism and marketing agencies leaving two lawyer years behind never to come back.

In 2008, he decides to quit the business of selling anything for anyone to exclusively focus on movie promotion. This goal is pursued through the lead of Cineuropa, an international media publishing articles in 4 languages so far (German is coming in 2014) and employing one national correspondent in each country of the European Union. Following the same promotion philosophy, he has also shaped various Transmedia campaigns for specific movies including Patrice Leconte’s Suicide Shop (Entre Chien et Loup prod.), Hitler in Hollywood (Saga Films Prod.), Bye Bye Blondie (Frakas Prod.), Ernest & Celestine (StudioCanal & Les Armateurs Prod.), Moroccan Gigolos (TBR, Frakas Prod.), Loulou’s Secret (TBR, Prima Linea Prod.), Jacques a vu (TBR, Iota Prod.) and upcoming TV serie produced by the Belgian TV network RTBF.

Domenico is also an international consultant in crowdfunding, social media, community building and cross-media strategies in the audiovisual sector.