Enrique Costa | Avalon

Enrique Costa (Vigo, 1976) obtaining a degree in Economics at the Universidad Europea in Madrid. In 2001 he starts working in TV-Homevideo distributon company, CREST FILMS. During that time he gathers experience as product manager and distributor. In 2003 he finishes MEGA at MEDIA BUSINESS SCHOOL.

In 2003 he arrives at AVALON PRODUCTIONS a producer assistant,  working in Short films like “FISICA II” (Daniel Sanchez Arevalo), “BANAL” (David Planell) and “UNA CIERTA IDEA DE FELICIDAD” (Javier Asenjo). Meanwhile, he starts buying titles for AVALON PRODUCTIONS catalogue. At the end of 2004, after ending Market & Distribution from MEDIA BUSINESS SCHOOL in Ronda, AVALON let boards down in theatrical distribution.

The first release was ELECTION by Johnnie To by December 2005. Then titles like JUNEBUG, THE DEVIL AND DANIEL JOHNSTON, ONCE… during that time also builds the DVD label “Filmoteca FNAC” with more than 120 classic titles from directors like Antonioni, Fassbinder, Cassavetes, Jarmsuch, Malle, Bresson, Yimou…

By 2007, Enrique Costa becomes a partner at AVALON DA, doing theatrical, homevideo, tv and internet distribution. The company starts with “JOE STRUMMER: THE FUTURE IS UNWRITTEN”.

Since that date the company establish a place and a label in the film industry in Spain of Art house independent distribution company with titles selected in the most important festivals in the world like CANNES; SUNDANCE, BERLIN, TORONTO, SAN SEBASTIAN, SITGES. Titles like “HOLY MOTORS”, “MAGICAL GIRL”, “SEARCHING FOR SUGARMAN”, ,”ONCE”, “PINA 3D”, “EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP”, “MOMMY”, CITIZENFOUR”, “THE ACT OF KILLING”

Right now Avalon has more than 200 titles under the catalogue and release in cinemas around 12 titles per year.

Our next releases are “VICTORIA”, “THE LOBSTER” and “SON OF SAUL”.