Fleur Marty | Flaoua Corp.

Fleur Marty is a senior freelance project manager working on web, mobile, transmedia, crossmedia, and video game projects.

Because she started her career as a developer, she has a strong technical background and a natural appetite for knowledge on the constantly evolving digital technologies she will be using.

But aside from staying on top of available technologies, her work starts with the very first stages of any project she is involved with ; from the early design and concept stage, up to the writing of functional and technical specifications, up to the production phase itself, with the organizing and management of creative and technical teams – it follows the project right up until launch.

Recently, she directed the whole digital side of the Cinemacity project (both on the mobile and web), a geolocalized transmedia platform merging the exploration of the city of Paris and the movies shot in the French capital. Cinemacity provides films and city lovers with Cinewalks to enjoy the city and watch some excerpts from masterpieces at the very location where they were shot. Cinemacity is co-produced by the German French broadcast group Arte and the transmedia studio Small Bang.

She’s also currently working as a Game Producer on a video game based on the hit anime series “The Mysterious Cities of Gold”, which will be launched this autumn on the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS, PC and Mac computers, as well as the iPad. The game follows the series broadcast schedule on French television by unlocking new chapters after an episode is aired.