Jonathan Davis |

Since 2002, Jonathan Davis has been a strategy advisor to the UK Film Council, the agency established in 2000 by the British government to develop, oversee and implement national strategy for the UK film industry, film education and film culture. His main job for the UK Film Council is to coordinate the EFADs, the network of national film funding bodies in Europe. He is a director of the British Screen Advisory Council that advises UK government and the European Commission on audiovisual matters. In the mid-1990s, he led studies to quantify the impact of tax incentives on investment in UK production investment. Following the introduction of tax incentives in the UK in 1997, he carried out the monitoring of their effectiveness on behalf of the UK industry and government.

His main concerns currently are the revision of the Cinema Communication, the document published by the European Commission that sets out rules for the public funding of film; the digitisation of Europe’s cinemas, and how film policy needs to develop to take into account developments in the market place, such as the collapse of established business models for film.

From 2005 to 2008, he worked on the setting up of the Copenhagen-based European ThinkTank on Film and Film Policy. Since May 2009, he has been acting as an advisor to the Polish film industry. In 2009 he started a project looking at public strategies for Estonian cinema and another about the future of film festivals. He attended the World Conference of Screenwriters in November 2009 where he did a presentation about the current challenges for public film policy.