José Alba | Pecado Films

Jose Alba, Pecado Films’ C.E.O., is an independent producer, director and distributor. An economist specializing in Marketing and Graphic Design, he has a European Master’s in Audiovisual Management from the MEDIA Business School (Supported by MEDIA Training), has participated as a guest on the show TAREULA (MEDIA Mundus) in Miami and in the LATC US Film Industry Immersion in Los Angeles in 2011.

Jose Alba has participated in over 15 feature films, producing five of them: “A King in Havana” (Un Rey en la Habana, 2005) with Alexis Valdés and Carmen Machi, “The Sandman” (El Hombre de Arena, 2007) starring Hugo Silva and Samuel Le Bihan, both distributed by Sony Pictures Spain, “Spleen” (La Noche que Dejó de Llover, 2008) with Luis Tosar and Nora Tschirner, and “Flipy’s Camp” (Campamento Flipy, 2010) with Flipy and Ernesto Sevilla. In 2013 debut as director with “La Presa” that also edit and produce together with Carlos Clavijo. In 2015 Jose Alba is selected by Variety as one of the 10 Rising Stars of Spanish Cinema.

He started out managing the film club at the University of Malaga. He spent two years working for producer Antonio Saura on films such as “The City of No Limits” (En la Ciudad sin Límites) and “Salome, by Carlos Saura”. With his first company co-produce with Argentina “Love Me” (Quiéreme) and “The Mudboy” (El Niño de Barro) and in 2005 gets MEDIA Development (Slate Funding Scheme).. He has taught Production at the EICTV in Havana (Cuba) and is visiting professor in the Master’s in Marketing program at the University of Malaga.

Pecado Films, created by Jose Alba in 2008, is a film production and distribution company with offices in Madrid and Málaga (Andalusia). Mr Ángel Durández, OJD President and an independent producer (Blackthorn, Blancanieves) is a strategic partner of the company. Pecado Films has produced “La Presa”, 2013, directed by Jose Alba, “Spleen” ((La Noche que Dejó de Llover, 2008), with Luis Tosar and Nora Tschirner and has distributed “Crazy Loves” (Amores Locos, 2010) starring Eduard Fernandez and Irene Visedo, “14 Days With Victor”, “The Symmetry of Love”, both shot entirely in England and “MIA” by Javier Van de Couter, International Discovery at 60a Mannheim-Heidelberg Int. Film Fest. and official selection in LesGayCineMad 2012.

 Upcoming feature film projects includes “Gernika” is an epic drama about the famous bombing directed by Koldo Serra and “Entre Amigas”, a comedy written by Best Screenplay’s Goya Award Winner Alicia Luna, starred by Best Actress’ Goya Award Winner Ana Fernandez and 3 times Best Actress’ Goya Award Nominated Blanca Portillo and directed by Maria de Medeiros.

 Pecado Films is a company associated with NALIP, FAPAE and EGEDA. Pecado Films supports BANCO DE ALIMENTOS.