Josephine Rydberg-Lidèn | Joffe R Lidén Produktion

Josephine Rydberg Lidén is currently employed as a strategic developer for film and crossmedia in the county councils of Gävleborg and Jönköping. She has worked with development of film projects and talent both as regional commissioner for short and documentary film and as a film teacher. She teaches transmedia at SADA and holds MA’s in film production from Dramatiska Institutet (University College of Film, Stockholm) and Filmhögskolan (School of Film Directing Gothenburg University) both.

Josephine Rydberg Lidén is always interested in exploring new ways of connecting with audience and a wide eyed observer of the current transformation of the film & transmedia industry.

Together with colleague Mathias Noschis of Alphapandashe is just embarking on a research journey (at SADA) exploring ways to measure participation and the impact of interactivity.