Juan Gordon | Morena films

Studied Law at the Complutense University in Madrid and Economics at UNED. After seven years of work in international journalism, he completed a Masters in 1994 in Film production in the Peter Stark Program at the University of Southern California. He then remained in the United States, working for American Entertainment Investors and the international department of the talent agency, ICM. In 1996, once in Spain, he became CEO of ESICMA, where he produced, among other features, THE MAN WITH RAIN IN HIS SHOES by Maria Ripoll.

In September 1999 he founded Morena Films, where Juan works as a feature film producer.

In these years Juan has produced ONE OF THE HOLLYWOOD TEN by Karl Francis, FISH PEOPLE by Jorge Iglesias, CANICULA by Alvaro Garcia Capelo, THE BEST IS YET TO COME by David Blanco and Jose Semprun, THE CARPENTER’S PENCIL by Anton Reixa, THE TRUTH AND OTHER LIES by Alvaro Fernandez Armero, CARGO by Clive Gordonand APARECIDOS by Paco Cabezas, CARNE DE NEON, directed by Paco Cabezas, CELDA 211, directed by Daniel Monzón, and TAMBIEN LA LLUVIA by Iciar Bollain, among others.