Klaus Meier Olsen | Danske Studerendes Fællesråd

Klaus is 31 and holds a masters degree in Psychology and Cultural Studies from the University of Roskilde, with a thesis about nationalism amongst Palestinian refugees. In his education he has focused on the interplay between learning and participatory processes and how disenfranchised groups can use alternative media to make their voices heard.

During his studies he worked as a screen writer of interactive fiction and as a designer of educational games and project tools both as a freelancer and as an employee of the Danish University College of Education. Klaus also worked as a volunteer arranging cultural exchange travels in the Middle East. After graduation Klaus’ life has been all about trying to combine his interest in participatory processes with an ambition of working with volunteers and save the world (a little bit). He has switched between working for the consulting agency Workz and for Danish Church Aid as an organizer and leader of volunteers in a nationwide campaign about UN’s 2015 development goals. Now he combines these two interests with a day job as a project manager for a Danish student NGO, where he leads a project to get disenfranchised youth out of debt, while he freelances for Workz as a game and process designer and facilitator.

Klaus is also quite a nerd and has edited one book about roll-playing and contributed to another. He has lectured about roll-playing and game design in Denmark, Finland and Sweden and is the head organizer of the largest Danish roll-playing convention.