Lars Hermann | Copenhagen Film festival

Lars Hermann is a Danish national who spent the first ten years of his professional life with Danish shipping giant Maersk but who changed careers when he applied to and was accepted into the National Film School of Denmark at the age of 29. In the past twenty odd years in the film industry he has produced Danish, Swedish and International films and held a number of top management positions in the Danish film industry, working in the areas of film production and post production, film financing and film festivals. He ran FilmFyn, a regional film fund in Denmark, for four years and invested in films such as Susanne Bier’s IN A BETTER WORLD. He is currently CEO of Copenhagen Film Festivals, which runs international annual film festivals CPHPIX (feature films, 18 days in April), BUSTER (children and youth films, 11 days in September), CPH:DOX (documentary films, 11 days in November) and DOXBIO, a documentary cinema club working with a network of 50 cinemas across Denmark. Total 2011 admissions 200.000.