Leslie Hills | Skyline Productions

LESLIE HILLS had a sucessful career in education and the arts before becoming an independent producer in the late 1980s. She produces drama, documentary and live outside broadcasts, acts as executive producer to international productions and provides consultancy and research to feature films.

Leslie also works as script-editor, assessor, doctor and developer and has worked with the UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, Northern Ireland Screen Commission, private clients, Nipkow Programm Berlin, the Berlinale and Moonstone International. She is Chair of the Centre for the Moving Image, Edinburgh Filmhouse and the Edinburgh International Film Festival and has acted as a panel members at many European film festivals. Major training includes PILOTS, ARISTA story editing, a NIPKOW fellowship in Berlin, PACT training in film finance. She has many awards for her work and is a member WfTV, BAFTA and the German Film Academy. Leslie has also published many articles, reviews, short fiction and has written for television. She was a founder shareholder of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society and of the campaigning and research organisation, Engender.