Marco Odasso | 709 Media Room

Marco Odasso is Italian, 43 years old, and he has being living in Madrid for the last 15 years. Graduated in Journalism at the London School of Journalism, he worked as a freelance writer for a great number of newspapers and magazines, writing about politics, finance, chronicles and others, publishing on Le Nouvelle Economiste (France) and Il Giornale (Italy), among others.

Attracted by the film industry, he specialized as reporter on filmmaking, focusing on the technical aspects of the business. He became Senior Editor for the Spanish leading trade publication Producción Profesional, before becoming Marketing and Communications Manager for Spain and Portugal at Avid Technology, the leader in film and video editing technology, in 2003. Two years later, he was appointed as European Market Manager for the Educational Market, working closely with Film Schools and institutions. He managed to create various projects that involved the development of online communities, while Web 2.0 was just beginning.

In 2007, he left Avid to become a Social Media Strategist, working on different campaigns for a great number of markets, including film viral campaign, such as Tropa de Elite (as a consultant and Community Manager for SCM Media Lab). He designed Social Media strategies for brands such as AxiCom, ADT, Symantec Spain, Estudio Pelonio, etc. In 2011 he became Senior PR and Communications Expert at Canal Plus Spain, company that has a relevant Social Media activity, driven by star products such as tv shows like Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire; almost every blockbuster by the majors and a huge sports offer.

Additionally, Marco launched 709 MediaRoom in the year 2011, a training initiative specialized in technical aspects of filmmaking offering a wide range of courses mostly dedicated to camera and postproduction professionals. Within the frame of this initiative Marco and his partner have very recently launched the first social network exclusively dedicated to Spanish-speaking industry professionals.

Marco Odasso is also directing the Master in Community Manager and Communications 2.0 at Escuela CES, in Madrid.