Marta Baldó Sellent | Working at Weekend (WAW)

She holds a degree in journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She has also completed a postgraduate studies in Management of Audiovisual by the Media Business School and the Programme of Business Management and Direction by EAE Business School.

She began working in television in Montreal (TV5, la Télévision Int.) and in Mexico D.F. (PCTV Cable TV) and when she returned to Barcelona, she joined the documentary crew of the distribution company DeAPlaneta, along with Núria Costa.

After two years, she joined the film marketing department, where she worked with small Auteur film releases such as Dolls, by Takeshi Kitano, Dark Water, by Hideo Nakata or with rereleases of films by Jacques Tati or Ysuhirö Ozu, among other titles and authors. She was also involved with the promotion of films with a more commercial release such as Downfall (El Hundimiento) orSky Captain, among others.

In 2005 she founded the marketing and publicity agency Working At Weekend (WAW) together with Pío Vernis and Núria Costa. In WAW, Marta Baldó deals with Pío Vernis the area of marketing and promotion for production and releases. Projects addressing can be in different stages and both Marta and Pío adapt themselves to the needs that the customer may have at that time. “