Matt Costello | Polar Productions Ltd.

Matt Costello’s innovative work includes ground-breaking and award-winning games, online projects, novels, and television.


Matt wrote the critically acclaimed game The 7th Guest, which helped launch the CD-ROM era. Since then, he has scripted and designed dozens of best-selling and critically acclaimed games such as Shellshock-Nam ‘67 (Eidos), Bad Boys 2 (Empire) and 2005’s Doom 3 of which Time Magazine said, “To play Doom 3 is to feel your skin prickle with atavistic fear. The story is delivered with unusual art.” Recent major games for the next generation consoles include 2007’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End for Disney, its first-ever US and UK #1 console title,  and G-Force, a critically acclaimed game for Disney/Bruckheimer and the first game completely in 3-D.   Matt co-wrote Just Cause 2, a sequel to his hit Just Cause, which has sold 3.5 million copies and is being developed as a major film. He worked on the storyworld and scripted ID’s hit game, Rage, which won the most awards at the 2011 E3 of any game. Matt scripted Disney Universe and just finished work on a major 3DS title for 2013.

Costello has also created award-winning educational games for children, including the landmark Aladdin’s Mathquest with Robin Williams for Disney, as well as the award-winning A Cartoon History of the Universe (Putnam) and two math games based on the hit PBS series animated series, Cyberchase.


Recent novels by Matt include, Missing Monday (Penguin), recently optioned for television. His acclaimed novel Beneath Still Waters was filmed by Lions Gate and released in 2007. His novel, Out of Time, has been optioned by Electric Entertainment (‘The Patriot’, ‘Independence Day’). Working with Peter Jackson’s team at WETA, Matt wrote The Island of the Skull (Pocket Books), an original prequel to Jackson’s film, ‘King Kong’. Berkley recently released his new suspense novel, Nowhere, a sequel to his In Dreams.

In 2009, the second book by Matt based on the game Doom 3 (which he scripted), Maelstrom, was published by Pocket, joining the first book, Worlds on Fire. His new novel, Vacation, was released this past fall to major acclaim from St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan UK. The sequel, Home, will be published in late 2012.   Matt’s children’s series The Kids of Einstein Elementary, published by Scholastic, blends math and adventure. The first two books, The Last Dinosaur and The Titanic Cat, were released in 2005. Other works for children include Magic Everywhere (Random House) and books on puzzles and games.

Online and TV For the Disney Channel, Matt Costello co-created ZoogDisney, the groundbreaking on-air/online weekend programming bloc. He has scripted episodes of the hit children’s series, Cyberchase (PBS), and then went on to create the onoiune adventures for the series.

He scripted episodes of the innovative Priz Jeunesse award-wining Disney/BBC series Microsoap.  For Scholastic, Matt co-created TeacherNet, an online live resource for teachers with regular webcasts. With Paul Wilson, Costello created The SyFy Channel’s first original program, FTL News, which ran for over six years.

Matt consulted on a new animated series for Nerds Corps Entertainment, Slugterrainea, and they have recently optioned a new show concept from him for development.  Currently he is co-creating a global – and groundbreaking — cross-media project that, for now, he cannot talk about.

Consulting and Education Matt has also been an interactive and creative consultant for many clients, including James Cameron’s Titanic, Disney, the BBC, and other major television and game companies around the world.

He has also scripted interactive installations for The British Museum and Buckingham Palace dealing with the treasures of Ancient Egypt and Shackleton’s Endurance Expedition

Matt has given speeches on cross media and narrative for The Edinburgh Interactive Festival, Sagasnet, Mipcom, X/Media Labs, The Banff Arts Center, and the government of Singapore.

Other recent speeches and mentoring workshops have included: The Austin Game Developer’s Conference 2001 The Lyon Game Developers Conference 2007 The Laboratory for Advanced Media Production, Brisbane, Australia Screen Producers of Australia Association Conference, Australia Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2007, Melbourne Australia Crossing the Void – 2009, Bristol PICNIC – host, 2009, Amsterdam B’Tween – 2009 – Liverpool, UK Children’s Media Conference – 2010 – Sheffield, UK 3D Entertainment Summit – 2010 – Los Angeles, USA Power to the Pixel/Nordisk Films – 2010 – Copenhagen, Denmark MipTV –  2011 – Cannes, France Eurovision TV Summit – 2011 – Lucerne Children’s Media Conference – 2011 – Sheffield Transmedia Symposium, 2011 — Malmo, Sweden Digital Ignition Multi-Platform Clinic, 2011 – Australia Docpoint – 2012 — Helsinki

Matt appeared on-air host for nine years as ‘The Game Guy’ for WNYC’s award-winning weekly radio show, New York Kids. With over twenty years of experience in mentoring teachers, he has been a consultant and teacher on Gifted and Talented issues for school districts in the United States.