Michel Reilhac | Melange

Michel Reilhac is an independant transmedia storyteller, writing , directing and developping his own projects, exploring hybrid forms of narration.  He is currently in pre-production for his project « Ultratrailer », using 6 different narrative blocks and platforms.

He lives in Paris. He is also Head of Studies for the newly formed Venice Biennale College, Director of the Multi Platform Master Studies at the Media Business School ( Ronda residency) He teaches, holds  workshops and does presentations on transmedia storytelling on a regular basis at many international events ( Cannes International Film Festival, Sunny Side of the Doc, The Pixel Lab, Dixit, FEMIS, …).

In 2012 he has been elected Man of the Year in film by the french trade magazine « Le Film Français » for his work at Arte : For over 10 years, from May 2002 until november 2012 ,  Michel Reilhac was Head of Film Acquisitions at Arte France and executive director of Arte France Cinema, co-producing around 28 independant feature films from all over the world every year.

His past experience includes being a contemporary dancer while graduating from an MBA in France and the USA ; producing international tours for major dance companies ; directing the National Contemporary Dance Center in Angers, France ; managing the National Theater of Chaillot in Paris ; designing and directing the Forum des Images, a film archive in Paris… He has also designed several innovative events and shows based on his original concepts :

- Les Arts Etonnants as first experience based exhibition in Paris,

- The Modern Ballroom for participative choreography,

- Dark/ Noir as very first events involving blind people as creative trainers and guides in complete darkness, …

- In the dark, the very first restaurants in complete darkness

He has directed a number of documentaries for television. His first feature, based on archive footage from the silent days of cinema is called «The Good Old Naughty Days » and premiered at the Cannes Festival in 2002. Since 2008 he has become a flag bearer of the exploration of hybrid forms in storytelling, otherwise labelled « transmedia », offering an immersive, participatory , interactive experience to the audience/ participants.