Oliver Simon | K5 Media Group

Oliver Simon established the production company K5 Film in 2001 and has since then produced 11 feature films. In 2006 his film HAPPY AS ONE was in Official Selection of the Berlinale and was also nominated for Best Film in the German Film Academy Awards. Prior to K5 Oliver went to the New York University to study Dramatic Writing in order to co-found freeX the first German script development agency in 1994. During this time he has been involved in over 20 productions as writer, co-writer or script editor.

In 2006 Oliver partnered up with Daniel Baur, an experienced lawyer and financier. Together they since then founded new entities like K5 International (with Bill Stephens), Nowtilus (with the production company SCHMIDTz KATZE), K5 Independent, abnormalnet.com and K5 Media Capital with Sascha R. Prestel.

In 2002 he became a member of the reknown European producers network Ateliers du Cinema Européen (aCe) and in 2006 a member of the prestigious German Film Academy.