Pere Roca |

Soon after graduating in Language and Literature from the Universitat Autonoma of Barcelona, Pere Roca entered the field of audiovisual management and production, beginning with fiction and commercials. He served a ten-year spell as Executive Producer at IMATCO, an independent Spanish production company; this involved him in feature films, TV series, documentaries and TV specials. Also, in coproductions and co-development with Cameras Continentals, FR3, Gerhard Schmidt, TR Maroc, Channel4, Seventh Art, TVE, TVC, and so on. For four years he was a freelance producer for Zentropa, FR3 and Canal 9 Spain among other companies.

Pere Roca has been co-operating with the Media Business School since its inception in 1991 when he directed the Feasibility Study for PILOTS (Programme for the International Launch of Television Series) and from 1993-96 he was Managing Director of PILOTS.

From 1996 to 1999 he was Deputy Programming Director of TVC (Catalan Television) and Coordinator of the Production Department at ESCAC (the Catalan School of Cinema and Audiovisual Studies). Lecturer and Expert at several European training initiatives, he worked as a Consultant of the Intermediary Organization of the Media Training Program.

Since 1999 until 2003, Pere Roca was Head of Development of Filmax, a major Spanish Production and Distribution Company and between 2004 and 2007 he directed the Centre for Audiovisual Development (CDA), a public service institution, which functioned as a development body for those Spanish companies that did not have in house Development Department.

Between May 2088 and December 2010, Pere was the Director of the Cultural Channel of TVE. Since February 2011 he works as a free lance Executive Producer his major client being Focus Audiovisual one of the leading companies in the field of Cultural and Entertainment Industries in Spain. Also, since January 2013 he is Director of MEGA of MBS.