Peter Buckingham | SampoMedia

Peter is a partner in SampoMedia, an organisation dedicated to finding new thinking and new methods for artists and filmmakers to reach an audience effectively.   Peter has had more than 30 years in the film business – starting as a 35mm projectionist. Since then he has worked almost every possible role in cinema and film distribution. He is committed to helping independent film reaching its audience – the central theme of all his work in the industry.

For the last few years he was Head of Distribution & Exhibition at the UK Film Council and subsequently the British Film Institute. There he worked on increasing the breadth and diversity of film audiences across the UK, as well as encouraging audience appreciation of UK films.

Peter helped pioneer the development of a number of ground breaking innovation initiatives to achieve this goal. These include the P&A Fund (prints & advertising), the world’s first 2k Digital Screen Network – providing over 200 cinemas with digital projection technology – the highly successful website and the foundation of Schools Film Club now showing films in over 7,000 schools across the UK. All the many projects that Peter manages produce business and market intelligence about how audiences respond to particular films and audience behaviour which has been shared with the industry to help the development of film and cinema businesses.

Via SampoMedia Peter is currently obsessing about film audiences, digital and new business models. As part of that SampoMedia is working with industry bodies, film makers, training bodies, government agencies various organisations such as the BFI, Screen Agency Wales, Film London, UNIC, Cinema First, EDCF various exhibitors and distributors and of course the MBS here in Ronda.

He is also on a number of boards and advisory boards as well as lecturing at many universities and film schools.

Peter is a well-known industry figure who was previously Deputy Chief Executive of FilmFour Limited and named Video Distributor of the Year in 2000. Prior to FilmFour, he was MD of Chris Blackwell’s Oasis Cinemas, building up a specialised cinema chain. He has also worked as Director of Film Distribution for Richard Branson’s Virgin Vision.