Peter Dutton | The Movie Partnership

Peter Dutton is a 16-year veteran of the film industry, having previously worked in the FMCG market for the likes of Pepsi Co, Grand Metropolitan and Bass, he joined Warner Bros in 1993 where he was a significant influence in driving firstly the rental market forward and then the introduction of DVD. Working on such titles as The Matrix, Lethal Weapon 4 and L.A. Confidential he helped develop award-winning strategies that saw revenues at £2m – £3m per release.

In 2000 Peter left to join the setup of Momentum Pictures, then a small independent with a turnover of £200k over the next 5 years he had taken this to £50m. The key drivers of this were differential and holistic marketing tactics tied to a varied content deployment including key releases such as Amelie, Lost in Translation and 51st State as well as more diverse and equally profitable ventures with Control and The Football Factory. In addition TV content such as the CSI franchise and Doc Martin and special interest productions made this the fastest growing and most profitable independent film company around.