Philippe Kern | KEA European Affairs

Philippe KERN is the founder and managing director of KEA. He has 25 years’ experience in the world of creative industries, public relations and legal advice. He is a specialist in copyright, anti-trust and trade law. Philippe has led a range of research and strategy programs at European level, notably for the European Commission and the European Parliament. He is advising numerous public and private bodies on the formulation of a European strategy. He is an established speaker at international conferences, managing seminars and workshops. Philippe was former Director of Public and Legal Affairs of PolyGram and head of the IFPI Brussels office. He is the founder of the European Film Companies Alliance (EFCA) and of the Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA). Founder of Untitled (Sans Titre) a forum to enable the expression of artists’point of view on societal issues and lateral thinking. He contributes to the KEA blog ( and Creative Europe social network.

He is an expert for the European Commission, European Parliament and Council of Europe. He is an expert for the World Intellectual Property Organisation on the development of the economic, social and cultural impact assessment guidelines (2011-2012), expert to the Finnish government on a methodology framework on assessing copyright systems (2012) and expert to the Council of Europe on advising the Russian government on cultural policies in regions (2011-2012). He is a member of the High Level Group Wallonia European Creative District.

He graduated in law from the universities of Strasbourg and Paris as well as the College of Europe in Bruges.