Richard Cooper | Screen Digest

Richard Cooper is a Senior Principal Analyst in Screen Digest’s Video team where he is responsible for the ongoing development of the online Video Intelligence service, including designing, constructing and maintaining the detailed computer models that underpin Screen Digest’s video forecasts. He is also responsible for the Home Entertainment Key Performance Indicator service and for cross-service media analysis within IHS Screen Digest.

Richard regularly works on media consultancy projects and advises clients, including the Hollywood Studios, regulators and investment firms, on the development of media and the home entertainment businesses. He has represented IHS Screen Digest in the press, radio and TV interviews and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Richard joined Screen Digest in May 2006 following contract work with Disney as a market analyst. He has been involved in the home entertainment industry since 2001 when he joined MVC, a specialist music and video retailer, as a Category Planning Analyst. He covered a wide range of projects within MVC looking at areas as diverse as property, space planning, market forecasting, range management, customer segmentation and even spending time as the buyer for specialist music.