Sorin Voicu | Direct2Brain

“I was born in Bucharest-Romania, by the age of 16 moved in Rome, here I had the opportunity since high school to develop my passion for computer graphics related to art, architecture, music, cinematography and communication, during an extracurricular activity project called Suono & Immagine.
I finished my studies graduating from the “”Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia – Sapienza University of Rome”" with a degree cum laude in “”Computer Graphics and Multimedia Design”". Shortly after I continued my studies with a master degree in “”Computer Graphics”" at BigRock – Treviso.
I started my career as graphic & interactive designer, and for the past 4 years I work in the VFX industry, managing to become a VFX Supervisor and Lead Digital Artist for a series of TV commercials and film projects.
Specialized in design, look development and integration of CG elements with live-action footage. Nowadays I live in Rome, I work as VFX Supervisor and Lead Digital Artist at Direct2Brain on some amazing projects, give lectures on compositing and matchmoving at VFX school, and occasionally invited as guest speaker in various related workshops.
I have an eye always open to different art forms that can inspire me and to different forms of communication.
My passion for computer graphics has roots in the world of visual communication, art, painting, design, creative advertising, psychology, natural science, photography, film and music, with a particular interest in aesthetics and communication of ideas.
I’m interested in the integration of different worlds, computer generated and real world, graphic design and live action, post-production and real-time, traditional and new forms of communication.
Fascinated by transmedia communication, overlapping the boundaries between traditional media, and communicate across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies.