Mega Plus final evaluation week (MEGA FEW) will take place next week

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The participants of the 2014 edition of Mega plus • European Master in Audiovisual Management, who are currently interning at different media companies across Europe, India and UAE, will come back to Ronda (Malaga, Spain) to attend MEGA FEW, the final evaluation week. The meeting will be held in the Andalusian city on 27th and 28th November.

It is now time for them to present their business plans to an evaluation committee that will assess their progress since Mega Plus 2014 kicked off back in June. During these months they have been working on their projects with the support of over sixty top industry professionals of the media industry.

Before pitching their projects -on the second day-, the participants will attend a series of lectures on strategic planning, tutorial meetings and a pitch training that will allow them to put the final touches to their work.

The evaluation committee will be composed of Peter Dally, Mads Peter Ole Olsen and Christophe Vidal. The tutors and experts will be Álvaro Alonso, Alex Marshall, Renate Roginas and Leena Pasanen.

After attending MEGA FEW, the participants will leave Ronda to begin a second internship period until March 2015 that will complete their Mega Plus training.

Participating projects:

Alaa Alassad • On The Edge (feature film)

Gemma Cantador • A Mess of Kidnapping (feature film)

Johanna Enäsuo • Ice Princess (feature film)

Claire Gao • The Far Road (feature film)

David Leader • Eriksen Sagas (TV series)

Markus Mühlberger • ReelFilm Entertainment (distribution company)

Ravi Muppa • Red Band Society (TV series)

Nadira Murray • Waxing and Afghanistan (feature film)

Nastassia Roulin • ReConstruction (feature film)

Paola Sáinz de Baranda • Beauty (animation feature film)