Mega Plus participants receive their diplomas

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Mega Plus Final Evaluation Week (Mega FEW) took place in Ronda, Malaga last week and it gathered participants, experts and evaluators.

The 2-day event began in Santo Domingo Convent with course director Pere Roca introducing Mega FEW to the participants. The introduction was followed by a series of tutorial meetings with Álvaro Alonso, Alex Marshall and Renate Roginas and with a pitch training with Leena Pasanen. The day continued with lectures from Christopher Borde (What Investors Want), Alex Marshall (Business Models: Warp Films) and Francisco Jiménez and Álvaro Alonso (Project Management).

On the second day, the participants pitched their business plans, in which they have been working since the European Master in Audiovisual Management began in June, to the evaluation committee composed of Peter Dally, Mads Peter Ole Olsen, Pere Roca and Al de Azpiazu.

According to Leena Pasanen, the expert who has been working with the participants on their pitching techniques, the results have been quite positive. “I met them earlier this summer when they were developing the way of pitching their stories. I am very happy to see the development in their pitchings”, Pasanen said.

The event concluded with a closing ceremony in which the 2014 Mega Plus participants received their diplomas. They are now beginning a second internship period until March 2015 that will complete their Mega Plus training.

Mega Plus Keeps focused on the evolution of the media industry, paying special attention to emerging territories –in 2014 we have had participants from China, India and Middle East– as well as to the renovation of the pedagogical contents. The digital marketing and distribution and the interactive contents modules are fully integrated in Master’s programme“, has declared Pere Roca.

Now that we have concluded the final evaluation and besides all the changes and the inclusion of new contents, we can say that the academic results are excellent“, added Roca.