Paola Sáinz de Baranda (Mega Plus 2014) tells us about the big winner in Málaga ‘A Cambio de Nada’

pic Paola Sainz de Baranda webA Cambio de Nada‘ (In Exchange For Nothing) is the undeniable winner of the recently-concluded Málaga Spanish Film Festival. Daniel Guzmán‘s first feature film has been awarded with the Golden Biznaga to the Best Film, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor.

The film is being  distributed by Warner Bros and it will be released in Spain on 8th May.

Paola Sainz de Baranda, participant of the 2014 of Mega Plus, the European Master in Audiovisual Management, is part of the production team. We have interviewed Paola to learn more about her experience and future plans.

Paola graduated in Law and and, after seven years working as a lawyer, she decided to change her career to the audiovisual production. Since 2010 she has been working in Spanish and international projects such as ‘El mundo es nuestro’, ‘Anochece en la India’ or ‘Libertador’. In 2013 Paola joins Seville based production company La Mirada Oblicua and after completing Mega Plus she has been appointed Executive Producer.

MBS · First of all congratulations for the success of ‘A Cambio de Nada’ at the Málaga Film Festival. How do you feel about it?

Paola · Thank you very much. I feel very happy and excited with the success in Málaga. This festival is becoming the most important appointment for Spanish cinema, so the awards got in Málaga with our film are invaluable for me.

MBS · Daniel Guzmán has spent many years getting this project off the ground, at what stage did you enter the project?

Paola · Daniel Guzmán spent 5 years writing the script and then two years on development. The company where I work, La Mirada Oblicua (based in Seville), came on board at the end of the development to complete the financing as Andalousian coproducers. The film was shot mainly in Madrid and, ending the production, all the crew and talents travelled to Seville to finish the shooting here.

MBS · ‘A Cambio de Nada’ has been coproduced by El Niño producciones, La Competencia Tv, La Mirada Oblicua, Telefónica Studios, Ulula Films and Zircocine. What has been your role in it?

Paola · Well, as I said before, I work in La Mirada Oblicua. My role in the film was helping the CEO of the company (Álvaro Begines – writer, director and executive producer) to get the financing in Andalousia and coordinate the production of the film and the shooting in Seville.

MBS · You have recently graduated from Mega Plus, how has the masters programme helped you in your career so far?

Paola · ’A Cambio de Nada’ was the first film where I worked more approached to the executive production (before I was used to work on shooting as location scout/manager, line producer, production manager, etc). During the film I used to work in La Mirada Oblicua as line producer and after this film, I decided to jump to the executive production, so the Mega Plus course was the perfect tool to acquire the knowledge required to have “an adequate jump”. I attended to the Mega Plus in 2.014 and after finish my studies there, I was ready to work as executive producer, so the company contracted me to perform those functions in the next projects.

MBS · What do you expect to happen in your career now? What are your projects?

Paola · I’m expecting to continue on the executive production, working both on international and national productions. I’m very interested in international coproductions, trying to export the Andalousian film industry around the world. I think the Mega Plus course is perfect to learn how the industry works worldwide and I’m sure it will help me to achieve my professional goals. Nowadays, I’m working on the development of my first feature film as executive producer, entitled “Calls” (working title). This thriller will be shot in English, in coproduction with Germany and USA. I’m also working as executive producer in the documentary films “Le Toreographer” (in post-production) and “The Other kids” (in production). All of these projects are promoted from La Mirada Oblicua, but we are also looking for interesting national or international projects to coproduce.

MBS ·  Any tips for the participants of Mega Plus 2015?

Paola · Sure! Enjoy the course as much as you can. Pay good attention to every single lecture you will receive during the course. Learn from the excellent experts that will attend during the three months. Ask for help every time you need it. And, when you feel that the intensity of the course will kill you, just think it lasts a while in your life and it will be the perfect platform for your career in the audiovisual industry.

poster a cambio de nada para webSynopsis…

Darío, a 16-year-old teenager, enjoys life with his friend and neighbour Luismi. Their friendship is unconditional, they know each other for as long as they can remember. Together, they have discovered everything they know about life. When Darío’s parents separate he escapes from home running away from his family’s hell. He begins to work in a garage owned by Caralimpia, an old delinquent who teaches Darío the job and the benefits of life… Darío meets Antonia, an old woman who collects abandoned furniture and, with her, he dicovers another way of seing life.

Luismi, Caralimpia and Antonia become his new family during a Summer that will change their lifes…