ICAA - MBS - The Media Business School - MBS – The Media Business School


ICAA is an autonomous body within the Ministry of Culture, exclusively financed from Government funds.


•regulates and gives financial support to cinematographic and audio-visual activities in Spain, i.e. production, distribution and exhibition of films;

•promotes Spanish cinema and audio-visual arts both nationally and internationally;

•promotes recovery, restoration and conservation of cinematographic materials and film heritage, and encourages research;

•supports film festivals and other cinema-related events or activities held in Spain;

•promotes and supports participation of Spanish productions in festivals abroad and organizes events involving Spanish cinema in other countries;

•handles relations with organisations of a similar nature in other countries;

•negotiates international co-production agreements, and represents Spanish cinema in co-production programmes and regional organisations such as EFP, MEDIA, Eurimages, CACI or Ibermedia.

For more information, please visit www.mcu.es