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Technology Transfer and Innovation Services

Business mission

Established in 1993, INNOVA S.p.A. is present in Italy with different branches in Rome, Udine, Turin, Cosenza and Lecce and ventures in Luxembourg, Belgium, UK, Poland, Spain and in the United States (Boston). In Rome, INNOVA disposes of a an own independent structure of around 2.000 m2 in the Tiburtino Technology Park.

The INNOVA group is made up of a pool of more than 140 professional consultants and experts (of which 60% engineers and technicians) who have developed a long standing and consolidated knowledge in areas such as Research & Development, project financing, evaluation and valorisation of advanced technologies, marketing activities and technology transfer services at national and international level.

INNOVA collaborates with cutting-edge research centers and universities in the implementation of valorisation strategies regarding the assessment and exploitation of advanced technologies for an efficient product and process management, developed in the framework of private research initiatives, R&D programmes of the European Union as well as national programmes.

Other than the traditional activities of technology transfer and R&D and innovation project financing, INNOVA has in fact integrated in the Group its own applied research & engineering Laboratory and a Seed Capital fund:

• INVENT SaS – a Seed Capital fund- makes direct investments in university starts-ups/spin-offs and supports the valorisation of research results (business model definition, investment launch, market entry and strategic positioning, and growth monitoring).

• LABOR Srl. is a research laboratory certified by the Italian Ministry of Research and carries out since 1998 applied research activities for companies in close relation with universities. LABOR is one of the major promoters and coordinators of EC funded Cooperative research projects for European SMEs within the seventh Framework Program.

The services

INNOVA offers its services to clients to support company innovation processes:

• Identification of clients’ technological innovation needs (R&D strategy for SMEs)

• Planning, development and implementation of technological innovation processes through national and international R&D partnerships (R&D national and international projects)

• Identification and support in the access to the most suitable financial sources for R&D (R&D Project Financing)

• Support to companies in the research work management (Project Management)

• Strategy definition for the launch of new technologies on the market and their commercial exploitation, also through the creation of new companies (Business and Marketing Planning, Feasibility Studies, Support to technological start-ups and spin-off creation)

• Specialized training  on Technology Transfer and Innovation

• Assistance to companies for the identification of the most advanced technologies and the development of industrial collaboration partnerships at national and trans-national level (Technology scouting, technology transfer services)

• Assessment of new technologies sustainability and impact on the reference context (Socio-economic and environmental impact analysis, sustainability analysis through stakeholders’ involvement).


Training activities, Studies and Technical Assistance

INNOVA carries out an intense activity of planning, coordination and technical assistance for training programmes and initiatives addressing SMEs and other organisations at national, European and international level (EIB, World Bank, IADB, ICE, IPI-RIDITT, UNESCO, APEC, South Korean Government). Over 8.000 hours of training have been delivered so far, mostly focalised on topics such as: internationalisation processes, trans-national technology transfer, marketing and innovation financing.

From 2005 to 2012, INNOVA coordinated the technical assistance from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to the Tunisian government in the framework of a 250 Million Euro investment program for the launch of 5 technology parks in Tunisia situated in Sfax, Sidi Thabet, Monastir, Bizerta, and Sousse. In 2009, INNOVA also wrote and internationally diffused on behalf of the EIB a publication on the management modalities of Technology Poles. In 2010, Innova co-authored a guidebook for decision makers: Plan and manage a science park in the Mediterranean. This publication, issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB), the World Bank, the Medibtikar programme and the City of Marseille, aims to define and explain the role of science parks and technopoles and the interactions between them; to help decision makers to plan and manage science parks; to propose number of examples and previous experiences to which decision makers can refer.Between 2010 and 2012, INNOVA also coordinated the experts’ team on the EIB-funded Technical assistance to the Moroccan network of Incubators.

From 2000 to 2008, INNOVA coordinated the IRC Secretariat, the Coordination Unit of the Innovation Relay Centres grouping 71 European Innovation Centres for innovation and technology transfer backed by the European Commission. In the framework of the Network, INNOVA carried out a re-qualification activity of the IRC model and its services offer through the application of benchmarking methodologies and the exchange of best practices.

From 2004 to 2008, INNOVA coordinated the IRE Secretariat, the Coordination Unit of the Innovating Regions in Europe, aiming to facilitate the exchange and the valorisation of regional experiences and innovation practices and presently collaborates with the Entreprise Europe Network.

From 2006 to 2009, INNOVA coordinated the INNO LEARNING Platform (ILP), an initiative from the DG ENTERPRISE from the European commission animating and promoting transnational cooperation activities, to facilitate the exchange of experiences and trans-national policy learning activities across Europe).

Furthermore, from 2005 to 2009 INNOVA was the Italian Correspondent for the “European TrendChart on Innovation” the European network, supported by the European Commission, analysing and producing national studies on innovation systems in 33 countries.


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