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AVALON is an independent production and distribution company established in 1996 by Stefan Schmitz. In 2007 long time collaborators Maria Zamora and Enrique Costa became partners in the company and are now heading the production (Avalon P.C.) and distribution (Avalon D.A) divisions of the company respectively. Today AVALON holds a catalogue of more than 200 feature films and documentaries. Avalon D.A releases 10 to 15 films theatrically every year and does its own distribution in DVD.

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gaia audiovisuals s.l.

GAIA AUDIOVISUALS S.L was founded in 1998. Initially the activity was focused on developing documentaries. From 2004, we began to produce fiction, alternating both kinds of activities. Since then, our productions have won both national and international awards and distinctions. Some of its catalogue has been sold to prestigious channels such as Arte France, RTVE or ZDF and have also been sold to several territories around the world. During 2008, Gaia´s ownership founded a parallel company based in Barcelona, Loto Films. Loto is a production/distribution company for some of Gaia´s projects. In the present time Gaia is focused on producing quality feature films and documentaries with global appeal and a high artistic value. However Gaia is also entering, with the support of ICAA, into the distribution field with a V.O.D. platform called BEODEE that is expected to be launch during May 2013.

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ICAA is an autonomous body within the Ministry of Culture, exclusively financed from Government funds.


•regulates and gives financial support to cinematographic and audio-visual activities in Spain, i.e. production, distribution and exhibition of films;

•promotes Spanish cinema and audio-visual arts both nationally and internationally;

•promotes recovery, restoration and conservation of cinematographic materials and film heritage, and encourages research;

•supports film festivals and other cinema-related events or activities held in Spain;

•promotes and supports participation of Spanish productions in festivals abroad and organizes events involving Spanish cinema in other countries;

•handles relations with organisations of a similar nature in other countries;

•negotiates international co-production agreements, and represents Spanish cinema in co-production programmes and regional organisations such as EFP, MEDIA, Eurimages, CACI or Ibermedia.

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jaleo films

Jaleo Films is a Spanish production company, founded in 2000. It produces films for both cinema and television. Among its productions are Lifting de Corazón (2005), Orange Girl (2009) or Night Fall In India (2013). The company focuses in particular on young talent and new ways of distribution an financing with titles as Carmina o Revienta (2012) or El Mundo es Nuestro (2012).

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morena films

Since 1999 MORENA FILMS has been producing feature films, documentaries and television programs. Throughout this time, MORENA has produced more than 30 feature films including dramas, comedies, thrillers and animation features with international talent such us: Steven Soderberg, Oliver Stone, Benicio del Toro, Laurent Cantet, Pablo Trapero, Javier Bardem, Vincent Cassel, Ricardo Darín, Gael García Bernal, Josh Harnett, Gerard Depardieu, Diane Kruger, Paul Laverty and many others. Latest productions: “The Last Days”, “Scorpion in Love”, “7 days in Havana”, “Asterix et Obelix chez les Bretons”, “Les Adieux à la Reine”, “Sons of the Clouds, the last Colony”, “Even the Rain”, “Neon Flesh”, “Bon Appétit”, “Room in Rome”, “Cell 211″, “Che. The Argentine and Guerrilla”.

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potenza producciones

Potenza Producciones is a film and moving-image production and distribution company founded by Carlo D’Ursi, former Mega student. The goal is to produce contents mostly based on international coproductions. Potenza Producciones is also a reputated consultancy for financial development, coproduction and audiovisual production export.

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rebelion terrestre film

Rebelión Terrestre Film is a production company founded by producer/screenwriter Alberto Marini, former Executive Producer at the Spanish mini-studio Filmax (the “[REC]” franchise, “Paintball”, “The Way”, “Snowflake, the White Gorilla”, “Sleep Tight”…). Alex & David Pastor´s “The Last Days” is the first feature film produced by the company, in coproduction with Morena Films, Antena 3 Films and TVC.
Rebelion Terrestre is focused on the production of thrillers and genre films for the international market.

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vaca films

Vaca Films is a Spanish company that first appeared in early 2003, directed by Emma Lustres and Borja Pena. Both have held executive posts in previous production companies. Its activity is focused on the production of audiovisual fiction. The company’s two main lines of work are feature films for the cinema and the production of TV movies. Some of the titles produced in these years are “Invader”, “Game of werewolves”, “Kidnapped”, “Retornos”, “Cell 211″, “The Zone” or “Somne”.

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