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The Media Business School is currently accepting applications to Mega Plus, the European Master in Audiovisual Management. Participants who enrol before 15th July will benefit from a 20% discount in their course fee (8,000€).

Mega Plus is a project-based master’s programme that provides specialised training in audiovisual company management and content production. The 2015 edition will kick off in Ronda (Málaga, Spain) on 21st September with a 10 week residential training. During this period participants will attend plenary sessions, group tutorials and one-on-one meetings with experts who will also support them on their course projects (an audiovisual project or a company business plan).

The residential training is followed by two internship periods, the first one will run from January to March and the second one from April to June. Through the internships participants have the opportunity to apply their recently acquired knowledge and skills.

The mix of residential training and internships has proven to be very effective to fast track participants’ careers. This master’s programme has a 90% job placement rate.

Mega Pilots, a new feature of this Mega Plus edition…

The new Mega Pilots feature will be an inherent part of the upcoming Mega Plus 2015 and will involve its participants in the development and production of a short audiovisual project (12 minutes). This feature will allow participants to gain direct and hands-on experience on a production of their own choice, while also challenging their creative skills.

Set as a complement to the existing Mega Plus’ modules, company internships and business planning work, Mega Pilots represents a unique opportunity for participants to act as “creative producers”.

In order to produce their 12-minute Mega Pilots, participants will receive a production support fund of 5,000€ and they will be backed up by highly experienced professionals all through the process.

Download the Mega Pilots Brochure here

The Media Business School will be accepting applications to Mega Plus until 14th August. If you wish to learn more about the master, please contact Ana Laguna (Course Coordinator).

what alumni say…

 al de azpiazu circuloAlbert de Azpiazu · Mega Plus 2009
Sales Director · Warner Bros. Spain

“mega plus has been a stepping stone in my career, opening the door to exciting and unique opportunities”.



pic patricio serna web

Patricio Serna · Mega Plus 2013
Director · Pakidermo & Movic Films

“It’s the experience of a lifetime and a great networking opportunity”.



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