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We have good news for the candidates to the 2015 edition of Mega Plus, the European Master in Audiovisual Management. The Media Business School (MBS) will be applying a 20% discount to a limited number of applications.

Mega plus is a ten month postgraduate course that offers specialised training in Audiovisual Business Management and Content Production.

During the course, participants develop a business plan for a project or a company with the support of over forty international experts of the entertainment industry. Through this process, they understand how to manage an audiovisual project from inception to exploitation, including how to: choose; develop; finance; produce; package; sell and distribute a project; develop and implement an audiovisual project business plan; position a business plan to exploit and maximise IP value and revenues across the value chain.

The Master’s programme is based on the combination of residential training (3 months), online tutorials and internships (6-7 months). This mix has proven to be the best method to develop participants’ professional skills and to optimise the project proposal they participate with. Some of the companies where recent Mega Plus graduates have interned are Luckybird, Hanway, Avalon, Chouchkov Bros. or Zentropa.

Mega Plus 2015 is structured as it follows:

Residential Training June to September 2015:
The residential training takes place in Ronda (Malaga, Spain) and it is composed of 12 weeks of plenary sessions, group tutorials and individual meetings with experts, case studies, etc… During this period, participants also access and broaden an international business network that the MBS has built over more than twenty years and that is key to their professional future.

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First Internship Period  
September to December 2015:
Participants are immersed in a professional environment where they are able to apply their recently acquired knowledge and skills. During these three months they are assigned additional tasks and they work on their project proposal with online support from the MBS and tutors.

Final Evaluation Week
End of November 2015:
Participants return to Ronda to pitch their projects’ business plans to the Mega Plus Evaluation Committee, formed by international key professionals and decision-makers. Before presenting their projects, participants are trained in personal communications and presentation techniques. The week also includes several leadership and management skills workshops.

Second Internship Period
January  to March 2016:
This second internship period in a professional environment is the final gateway to the industry for Mega Plus participants. This master’s programme has a 90% job placement rate!


The MBS will be accepting applications to Mega Plus 2015 until  20th April 2015 (20% discount applicable to a limited number of applications).


What they say about Mega Plus…

ville pentille círculoVille PenttiläMega
Mega Plus graduate
Angel Films Finland · CEO
Angel Films Estonia Ltd · CEO
Dagsljus group · Manager
NSR Scandinavia Ltd · President

“I have been appointed president of NSR Scandinavia group from 1st of May 2014. This would have not been possible without me participating Mega Plus 2011. And this is what our chairman of the board said me loud. It´s kind of funny how things just sometimes happen in your life. One thing leads to another. It´s like a chain. I´m very proud to say I´m Mega Plus 2011. When managing our day-to-day rental business I´m benefiting every day at work from what I learned at Mega Plus.”


alberto-mariniAlberto Marini
Mega Plus graduate
and collaborating expert
Rebelión Terrestre · Founder, Producer and Screenwriter

“Nowadays it is extremely important for schools to offer theirs attendants a real vision of the industry and the marketplace, moreover in a field such as cinema where it is not easy to keep our feet on the ground.

These are hard times. We know it. And, a student coming out of a master will be given no time to learn from experience. Apprentices do not exist anymore. Young professionals now need to show practice from the very beginning. 

 What I like most of Mega Plus is the strict contact this master has with the industry and the reality. It is the best value a school could offer to its students right now… because there is a difference between dreaming and creating dreams”. 


Click here for more details and to download the application form or contact Ana Laguna, course coordinator at • T: +34 952 87 39 44